Welcome to Intrepid

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After conducting stringent background and tests, you have been accepted into the black-ops, highly secretive division of Interpol: their Intelligence, Recovery, Protection and Infiltration Division - otherwise known as Intrepid.

To activate your agent profile, your first mission is to share your new-found status in a social media channel of your choice. Copy and customise the below post:

KA-BOOM. I've just joined the elite ranks of Paratroopers, Navy SEALS, GSG9 Operatives and FBI Hostage Rescue Specialists as an Intrepid agent. Join me and receive 20 free chapters from hard-hitting action thriller DEFENDER!
Join up at: www.intrepidallen.com/join/

Now that you're a qualified Intrepid agent, here's 20 chapters of Defender, the first in the Alex Morgan Intrepid series, for you to enjoy.

Download Defender

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Keep your ear to the ground for your next email mission and special ops update from Intrepid's creator, Chris Allen.

And remember: To the brave belong all things.

Endorsement for Australian author of the Alex Morgan Intrepid action adventure series by Chris Allen by New York Times Best-Selling Author Bradley Trevor Greive.