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More Ludlum than Reilly, if you want action you have to think about, try Allen.
— Sydney Morning Herald
The combat scenes are delivered in efficient brutality, the stunts akin to the finest Bond.
— Josh, OzNoir
Chris Allen is the real deal... The result is a gripping read from the first page to the last, in the fashion of Tom Clancy or Clive Cussler. Whereas with Clancy the suspense is clinical, and with Cussler it’s fanciful, with Allen the suspense is real and it’s personal.
— Joolygooly, iTunes
So if you like your Andy McNab, and so forth, then add this book to your collection... You will not be disappointed.
— David Biancacci, Amazon
He moves back and forwards between different storylines via chapters... reminiscent of Tom Clancy, a style I like.
— Shazp, iTunes
If you enjoyed books such as Rainbow Six or movies such as Skyfall, Taken or the Bourne series you will enjoy this.
— Roadkill_AU, iTunes
Although relatively new to the world of writing, he is set to give the likes of Tom Clancy and Robert Ludlum a run for their money.
— Sgt. Dave Morley, Australian Army Newspaper
In the style of the Bond books of old, Defender delivers the action and situations you wish you were a part of, and a hero who feels every punch.
— Mikeart1, iTunes


I was enthralled to the very end and the story so well written that my imagination had me right there in the thick of the action, I even had nightmares that night!! I can’t wait for the next adventure of Alex Morgan.
— Karen Court, Amazon
If you want a spy who is not necessarily coming in from the cold, but is definitely feeling the chill of betrayal - then Morgan is your man.
— Kate Stone, Amazon
Action packed and fast paced - an exciting ride that I couldn’t put down! Avenger is a must read for anyone who likes more realism with their action.
— Karina, Amazon

Praise for Hunter: Intrepid 2

Hunter is a must read for fans of the series. The action is first class. The writing precise and the plot wholly enjoyable throughout.
— Fair Dinkum Crime
Alex Morgan - you can save me from Serbian kidnappers any day!
— Helen Plummer, iBookstore
It was actually rather too easy to ignore all but the bare essentials around the place when deep in the second Intrepid book - Hunter.
— Karen Chisholm, AustCrimeFiction

Praise for Defender: Intrepid 1

From the wilds of a third-world African nation in the throes of a coup d’état to the hallowed halls of the British Parliament, and finally to the shores of Australia in the closing sections, Defender manages to keep the interest piqued and the thrills constant. Recommended!
— Geoff Brown - President, Australian Horror Writers Association
One of the boldest adventures of the year. He gets his mission accomplished no matter what tends to get in the way.
— Rabid Reader, Amazon
First in the series is a solid, fast paced chase across several continents as good grapples with evil in a brave new world of military contractors, multinationals and bent bureaucrats. Equal parts white knuckle and great fun, I’m already looking forward to book two!
— Danielle Bevins-Sundvall, Goodreads

A Classic Holiday Read

This book is great holiday reading. Each chapter leaves you wanting more which is perfect for those late night reading sessions on holidays. So two thumbs up. Five stars. Put it on your Kindle now for the holiday season.
— AustKTL, Amazon
I would pick up the book with good intentions of a few quick chapters before bed but I could never stop there and would still be going an hour or more later. I demolished the whole thing in a couple of days.
— Kit Georgeos, iTunes
I read Defender and Hunter whilst on holidays and LOVED them both! Self induced motion sickness in the car as I couldn’t put it down. Can’t wait for no 3!
— Janette Dundas Baker, Facebook
Defender prompted a prolonged period of sleep deprivation ... I just couldn’t put it down! I enjoyed the first book in the Intrepid series so much, I’ve pre-ordered book 2 Hunter. I can’t wait to see where Alex Morgan takes me next!
— Jim Mather, Goodreads

Praise for Chris Allen

Alex Morgan is no ordinary character and Chris Allen is no ordinary writer. He gets you in and won’t let go until the last page is done.
— Mark Elm, Amazon
There are many writers out there now who have moved from the life of a soldier—be it SAS, SBS or the Aussie SASR—and they all bring with them a wealth of personal experience that adds a grittiness and a level of reality to the narrative. Chris Allen has done the same.
— G.N, Goodreads
Author Chris Allen’s protagonist Alex Morgan is a perfect blend of Bond and Matthew Reilly’s Scarecrow.
— Josh, Goodreads
Chris’s knowledge and workings of military and counter terrorist tactics through his own firsthand military service gives the character Alex Morgan a real true to life feel in this action thriller.
— Darren Wise, Goodreads
Full of action with a sense that the author has seen it all. Recommended.
— Gjohng, iTunes