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Sound of an adventure

Have you ever read a book and noticed the music that appears throughout the story?

The music tracks that appear in Defender and Hunter are no accident: each song and artist was selected to help set a particular scene, and say something about the characters appearing in that chapter.

Here's a couple of Spotify playlists to listen to the music that appears in in each book, one for each story Defender and Hunter. From Australian rockers The Living End to French crooner Madeleine Peyroux; legendary blues player Eric Clapton to pop sensation Lily Allen; and from composer Khatchaturian to jazz saxophonist Stan Getz, there's something for almost everyone.

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With secret movie business underway, signed to Peony Literary Agency in Hong Kong, a trip to London & Los Angeles, and now to completing Avenger, my year’s been well and truly action-packed.

Around this time last year, I’d just re-released Defender and Hunter through Momentum.  

Soon, it’ll be the same for Avenger and I just hope that you'll enjoy this new story, featuring the first female Intrepid agent putting Alex Morgan through his paces as they track down the architects of human trafficking.

With the year that was, I'm looking forward to finishing Intrepid 3 and having a float around on the pool for a few hours, but this blog is a throwback to the posts you enjoyed the most.

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One of the blogs I enjoy reading on writing, marketing and publishing books in 2013 is by Joanna Penn: The Creative Penn. I first appeared on her blog writing on Paratrooping and Publishing after self-publishing Defender in 2011.

This week, I asked on The Creative Penn whether writers are born or made. It's a conversation I also had with some of the co-founding members of the Action Thriller Writers Association of Australia (soon to be - namely Greg Barron and Luke Preston (Tony Park, the other founding member was excused as he is writing his latest tome in South Africa) - about their experiences of 'becoming' a published author.  You can read my full post on The Creative Penn blog here.

Our full interviews are published side-by-side, below, to show other aspiring and published writers an honest view of three other authors who are writing their way to, hopefully, the top.

My thanks to Greg and Luke for opening up about their experience, and I look forward to your comments on your own journey as a writer at the bottom of this post. 

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Just last week, I was most pleased to announce that I have signed with Hong Kong based Peony Literary Agency and will be represented by Marysia Juszczakiewicz, which is an exciting next stage of my writing and publishing adventure.

As the founder and owner of Peony Literary Agency, Marysia has extensive experience in sales of worldwide rights both in Asia and outside of Asia. She represents many writers in the region and was the first agent to represent the recent Nobel Prize winner Mo Yan.

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My Hollywood Dream Cast for Hunter

A few blogs ago, back in January, I participated in the blog equivalent of a chain mail letter, an online challenge called The Next Big Thing. In it, I mentioned a couple of actors that I’d like to see play my characters in Defender.

Now this week, for Tia at The Serious Reader blog, I've thoroughly enjoyed putting together a short and snappy ‘Hollywood Star Cast’ for my second action thriller in the Alex Morgan espionage series, Hunter with descriptions of the characters included. You can read it here.

In this post I will be further explaining why I think these and other actors would be the perfect fit to play the following five of the main characters in Hunter. They are by no means the only actors who could play these roles but I do like to have people pegged in my mind as I write - it helps me bring the characters to life.

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Last night, I had the privilege of speaking at the Willoughby Hotel Authors Club.  

The pub was buzzing and we had a fantastic room and bar upstairs in which to mingle, sip on a beer and a Malfajiri Cocktail (based on the small African nation in which Defender plays out a lot of the action). 

We talked about my writing journey, from when I finished serving in East Timor in 1999, as well as the publishing trajectory I've experienced since 2010. I enjoyed keeping people up-to-date on the latest of what Alex Morgan is up to in Avenger and hearing their reactions to my stories so far. 

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