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This post first appeared on Bite the Book's blog in conjunction with National Bookshop Day 10 August 2013. 

National bookshop day is this Saturday 10 August. I’ll be getting out and about to support my local bookstores and am putting the call out for others to do the same. It’s a day to have a browse amongst the shelves, say g’day to your bookstore owner, even meet an author, and why not buy a little something for yourself or for someone you love – whether a thriller to enjoy, a coffee table book to display or a romance to indulge in – give the gift of a great book!

Here are a few reasons why, to me, bookshops are still the way of the future.

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In honour of the upcoming Facebook Event on 25 July at 7.30pm AEST (RSVP here to be reminded on the night via Facebook!), I wanted to put out a special post with some things you may not know about the black-ops Interpol agency, Intrepid. As the Intelligence, Recovery, Protection and Infiltration Division of Interpol, Intrepid is the start point for all my thriller novels, and as my own literary creation I'd like to think it's become an intrinsic part of my storytelling modus operandi.

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My Hollywood Dream Cast for Hunter

A few blogs ago, back in January, I participated in the blog equivalent of a chain mail letter, an online challenge called The Next Big Thing. In it, I mentioned a couple of actors that I’d like to see play my characters in Defender.

Now this week, for Tia at The Serious Reader blog, I've thoroughly enjoyed putting together a short and snappy ‘Hollywood Star Cast’ for my second action thriller in the Alex Morgan espionage series, Hunter with descriptions of the characters included. You can read it here.

In this post I will be further explaining why I think these and other actors would be the perfect fit to play the following five of the main characters in Hunter. They are by no means the only actors who could play these roles but I do like to have people pegged in my mind as I write - it helps me bring the characters to life.

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(fictional, of course) 

My book series features an agency called Intrepid, and in this post for Milo's Rambles blog, I discuss how I created the agency from an imagined hybrid international force. 

When I began writing, I knew my creation would inevitably be influenced by actual events that were occurring at the time and my particular take on how that might influence the context of my stories. I started writing drafts of Defender in the extended aftermath of Sept 11, 2001 – a time when I was in high demand professionally and probably needed a creative outlet. I didn’t want the context of my stories to be military in nature, so I steered away from the obvious choice – the UN and intervention forces – and looked more towards the actual criminal activity so often hidden behind idealistic rhetoric and excuses for terror.

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Sitting here today, putting the very final touches on Hunter, the second in the Alex Morgan Intrepid series, I realised these two action thriller novels would not have been half as good if I weren't perched on the shoulders of some very legendary blokes and ladies.

It's important then that I digress from my usual writing of Serbian war criminals being brought to justice, rogue intelligence officers getting their just desserts, criminal gun-runners caught at the last minute, all by the hardy Alex Morgan and his band of merry Intrepid agents, to recognise some of those working behind-the-scenes to get me to the top of the suspense thriller best-seller lists and beyond.

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There are times in life when being plonked in front of a camera lens for a series of high definition photos is about as appealing as a night parachute jump when the door opens and a blizzard blows inside the aircraft. 

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