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Kapyong Day, & Remembering Our ANZACS

April 24 is Kapyong Day, the day in 1951 when my old battalion 3RAR fought back thousands of Chinese and Korean soldiers in one long and desperate night. I feel incredibly proud even to this day for having been at one time a custodian of the great legacy forged by these men. There's a great description of what happened in the Battle of Kapyong in The Age from 2011 at this link if you'd like to learn more.

While 24 April is Kapyong Day, a very special day for my former battalion, this post is equally to mark ANZAC Day on April 25 and pay my respects to all the diggers and officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

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I'm in the thick of planning AVENGER, the third in the Alex Morgan espionage thriller series. Meanwhile we continue to blog, arrange events and market the first two books DEFENDER and HUNTER to the widest possible appreciative audience. Each day we get new great reviews - and it's so interesting to see why some readers prefer one of the stories over the other.

Some enjoy the heart-stopping monster action scenes set in civil war-torn Malfajiri in DEFENDER along with the ensuing romantic action between our Major Morgan and Ari Halls. Meanwhile, others get a kick from the thrill of Morgan's chase to rescue the beautiful classical music mega-star Charlotte-Rose, set against the backdrop of the very real story of Serbian war criminals being brought to account in HUNTER. Let me tell you now, AVENGER will have plenty of the non-stop action you love (both varieties!) together with a ball-tearing mission for Morgan and his Intrepid agent compadres to get their teeth into.

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It's been one of those weeks when the kids are running riot, high on birthday-related sugar and the elation of too many presents and friendly guests dropping in. You see, this is our son Captain Morgan's 3rd birthday and a week of celebrations - the festival of Morgan - is currently underway!

Yesterday we had our super Intern Julie working at IntrepidHQ, creating a photo blog of snippets from the day - so, busy as it was, here's the inside look at what happens when birthday cakes and little boys collide.

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Today's entry is a series of fly-on-the-wall snaps of what it's like at IntrepidHQ. If you're expecting burning helicopters, black-ops missions, and dangerous creatures, you're only part wrong.

I began with a leisurely 13km walk on Sydney's North Shore for reasons pertaining to the weeks recently spent with a Corona beer firmly stapled to my right hand. 

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If, like me, you’re an Ian Fleming fan first and a Bond movie fan second, mark my words: you will love SKYFALL. If however, you prefer the vodka martinis, the cheesy one-liners, or the gadgets and gimmicks of earlier Bond films – the exploding pens, invisible cars and so on– don’t despair. The essential ingredients of the 007 franchise – glamour, humour, charm - are still front and centre in the long-awaited 50th anniversary 23rd film directed by Sam Mendes, but they’re present in a way that is much more a reflection of our times and tastes. The requirement to suspend your disbelief still holds strong and there’s just enough of the old tricks & gadgets to remind you of the rich history behind any Bond film. Besides, I’d be a hypocrite if I decried any story that presents  such a perfect balance of gritty realism with a liberal dose of escapism!

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There are times in life when being plonked in front of a camera lens for a series of high definition photos is about as appealing as a night parachute jump when the door opens and a blizzard blows inside the aircraft. 

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