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Three questions for Chris Allen on RANGER

Now that RANGER is on pre-sale (check it out here) we took five minutes to quiz bestselling author Chris Allen on how he likes the high-octane cover design.

Do you like the cover design for RANGER?

I absolutely love the cover for my latest Alex Morgan adventure, right down to the vibrant, jungle green of the new title.

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My Hollywood Dream Cast for Hunter

A few blogs ago, back in January, I participated in the blog equivalent of a chain mail letter, an online challenge called The Next Big Thing. In it, I mentioned a couple of actors that I’d like to see play my characters in Defender.

Now this week, for Tia at The Serious Reader blog, I've thoroughly enjoyed putting together a short and snappy ‘Hollywood Star Cast’ for my second action thriller in the Alex Morgan espionage series, Hunter with descriptions of the characters included. You can read it here.

In this post I will be further explaining why I think these and other actors would be the perfect fit to play the following five of the main characters in Hunter. They are by no means the only actors who could play these roles but I do like to have people pegged in my mind as I write - it helps me bring the characters to life.

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On the seventh day of Hunter, a secret agent said to me: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

What a fantastic birthday present to see that on Amazon, Defender has been made free for a few days, and is rocketing up the charts. At the time of writing it's #1 Kindle Spy Stories, #7 Kindle Action & Adventure and #257 in the overall Kindle free lists, and #28 Top-rated Spy Stories.

You can get your free Defender copy on Amazon Kindle here.

But really, this is what a secret agent once said to me: GET IN SIT DOWN SHUT UP HANG ON!

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