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The act of writing stories can be less than glamorous – it’s more endless cups of tea and crumbs piling up on the keyboard in a darkened room (aka my writing mancave) than back-to-back launches and book signings with pen poised and a glass of red by my side. 

Those days when I am holed up in the mancave, churning out chapters of the latest Alex Morgan espionage adventure as fast as my clumsy two-finger typing skills can manage, I’m not consciously thinking about what makes a cracking thriller. It’s creating my own mix of preferred reading and viewing tastes, past experiences, a reasonable dash of instinct, and an intense need to extract the story from my head and get it onto the page. Then, of course everything is honed during the editing process with my publisher.

Once the books are put out into the world, there does seem – on reflection – to be some shared elements I recognise between my work and those of the other thriller writers I have grown up enjoying.

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A crucial part of the business of publishing books these days is finding an appreciative audience to connect with. It used to be that the traditional publisher would find those people for you through marketing and media, but now the top-down pyramid has inverted and we authors gotta get out and connect with readers and get to know them a little bit, before they get to know our stories and hopefully become fans of our work.

​One of these recent finds is a chap called Douglas Dorow, a thriller writer from Minneapolis, Minnesota, the home of many thriller/suspense writers.

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