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There are occasions in our lives when we have the good fortune of meeting people who are genuinely making a difference in the world, every day, without attention, accolade or reward. Sadly, those occasions are all too rare but when they do happen it is quite simply a privilege. When I deployed to East Timor in late 1999 on a humanitarian mission for CARE Australia, I met an incredibly humble, quietly spoken, hard-working, ridiculously smart Canadian nutrition specialist who had devoted her life to changing the lives of others. So, when I learned that this issue of GLOSS was to be all about ‘Game changers’, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to introduce you to a great friend of mine and real-time game changer, and there’s no better way for you to get to know her better than in her own words. 

So, ladies and gentlemen, please meet Allison Tuffs.

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On Mothers Day on May 12 in Australia, I'll be raising a glass to all the strong, incredible women in my life - my mum and sisters, my gone-but-not-forgotten Nanna Madeline, Grandma Florence, my aunties, all our friends who are mums and carers to those they love, my mother-outlaw and, of course, the mother of my two boys, my beautiful Sar.​

All of these amazing women have in some way influenced the strong female characters you read about and will continue to see in my Alex Morgan action adventure thrillers. 

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