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Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think, that we’ve all seemingly gravitated towards this collective self-loathing over our obsession with social media to the point that we are now posting admonishing or other finger-pointing-type memes about the pitfalls of said obsession on our social media platforms? 

Seriously, we’re like moths to a flame with our smart phones, tablets, laptops or whatever. If it’s there we have to look at it, even if what we’re looking at is utter drivel, which it mostly is. I saw one today – yes, I know – that said ‘We’re swamped by information yet devoid of wisdom’. How true! I mean, how many times can you watch that clip of an athlete falling down hard on a race, getting up and continuing to run, with the video clip culminating in treacle about her inspiration and heroism? 

I don’t know how many times as schoolboys my friends and I hit to dirt hard during sporting events, lost bark, bled, got concussed, got up and got on with it. No one filmed it. It wasn’t inspirational. It wasn’t heroic. It was just life. You might have been lucky enough for one of the parents to call out from the sidelines, ‘Up you get mate.’ And, off you’d go again. Do we really need to see that over and over? No, we don’t.

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A crucial part of the business of publishing books these days is finding an appreciative audience to connect with. It used to be that the traditional publisher would find those people for you through marketing and media, but now the top-down pyramid has inverted and we authors gotta get out and connect with readers and get to know them a little bit, before they get to know our stories and hopefully become fans of our work.

​One of these recent finds is a chap called Douglas Dorow, a thriller writer from Minneapolis, Minnesota, the home of many thriller/suspense writers.

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