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Australia Day for a thriller author

January 26 is Australia Day, and I had the most low-key day imaginable, complete with naps, swims in the pool, and dreaming up the new Alex Morgan adventure (hint: it's going to be a kick-ass page turner).

But I did come across this picture with my good mate, Tim from Tim Anger Photography, taken a handful of years ago when my self-published book (Defender of the faith) was hot off the press. I handed a signed copy to Tim at an equestrian event just outside of Canberra.

Of course, we couldn't resist capturing the moment, as the irony of the signage was not lost on us.

After all, I've never taken myself too seriously.

Happy 'Straya Day.

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Today's entry is a series of fly-on-the-wall snaps of what it's like at IntrepidHQ. If you're expecting burning helicopters, black-ops missions, and dangerous creatures, you're only part wrong.

I began with a leisurely 13km walk on Sydney's North Shore for reasons pertaining to the weeks recently spent with a Corona beer firmly stapled to my right hand. 

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