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On the last day of Hunter, a secret agent said to me: "TO THE BRAVE BELONG ALL THINGS"

Back in my days as a Paratrooper, I remember this exact phrase would flash across my consciousness whenever we’d force ourselves to depart from a perfectly good aircraft into black, starless skies…  Not surprisingly, sometimes we needed encouragement to launch out into the unknown, and when it came to me, it worked every time.

The stoic Celtic adage applies equally to those of us part of the current publishing revolution – blazing a trail into the world of eBooks, online communities, and technologies that allow readers to find and enjoy stories from a diverse new range of voices.

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On the sixth day of Hunter, a secret agent said to me: Guns Choppers Action!

Last night, I wrote to you saying that if I made the #1 Crimes and Thrillers Best-Seller list on iTunes I would allow myself to be filmed doing the Super Intrepid Style dance - a jig I have not envisaged, nor do I care to think too deeply about.

And then, as if by some force majeur, Hunter: Intrepid 2 rose majestically to the top spot on the best-seller list, kicking Lee Child's Jack Reacher squarely in the backside on the way.

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On the third day of Hunter, my inner agent said to me: "Alex Morgan is Back".

I remember the 1970's, sitting in a old cinema in sleepy old Perth, my home town, around about this time of year, watching the latest Bond epic - starring the longest serving 007, Roger Moore, sitting through those final end credits, awaiting  those familiar few words: "James Bond will return". It seared into my memory - just as much as the enduring, action-packed stories Fleming himself created: the other-worldly villains, the extraordinary women, and the dark, brooding, tragically flawed Bond who took me to so many exotic places.

It was destined then to be, that at the end of my first and second novels I would inevitably place "Alex Morgan will return" on my final pages. Now that the baddies in Operation Defender have been given their comeuppance, and those villainous creatures in Operation Hunter brought to justice, I am more certain than ever that my creation, Major Alex Morgan, is also here to stay.

Some have even said he's about to embark on his next adventure: Operation Avenger. But don't tell anyone!

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Day Two: Twelve Days of Hunter

If you missed my blog yesterday, to celebrate Hunter: Intrepid 2, my latest Alex Morgan adventure being launched, we're kicking off an exciting new range of Intrepid gear, with twelve fresh designs in twelve days.  

On the second day of Hunter, my inner agent said to me: "Intrepid Agents Kick Ass"!


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Today, Hunter: Intrepid 2 has been released into the big, bad world, and I'm happy to report that it debuted at #5 on the iBookstore Bestsellers List under Crimes & Thrillers.

As promised, to celebrate the launch of my latest Alex Morgan adventure, we're kicking off an exciting new range of Intrepid gear.  

Twelve Days of Hunter

Now, I'm sure you all know the famous 'The Twelve Days of Christmas' carol, about a series of gifts given from Christmas Day onward. Well, in that spirit, the team at Intrepid HQ have come up with twelve new designs based on my Intrepid action thriller novels. Aimed at having some fun and being quality, useful products, each design comes in a range of gift ideas for the Intrepid agent close to your heart.

We'll be unveiling a new design and talking about each one every day through to December 12.... starting right now! So, here we go...

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Announcing Book Hunt Winners

Last week a fantastic time was had playing our Book Hunt to mark the impending launch of my next Alex Morgan action thriller, Hunter: Intrepid 2.

Hunters solved five clues in as many days, including making a wish list for Santa from the That Book You Like store; checking out a pic of me alongside my ex-airborne alumni Bradley Trevor Greive; scouring digital publishing guru-swami Momentum Books' website for the scoop on Hunter's heroine; and honing mathematical skills watching fellow Aussie thriller writer Luke Preston's foreboding book trailer for Dark City Blue.

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