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Australia Day for a thriller author

January 26 is Australia Day, and I had the most low-key day imaginable, complete with naps, swims in the pool, and dreaming up the new Alex Morgan adventure (hint: it's going to be a kick-ass page turner).

But I did come across this picture with my good mate, Tim from Tim Anger Photography, taken a handful of years ago when my self-published book (Defender of the faith) was hot off the press. I handed a signed copy to Tim at an equestrian event just outside of Canberra.

Of course, we couldn't resist capturing the moment, as the irony of the signage was not lost on us.

After all, I've never taken myself too seriously.

Happy 'Straya Day.

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There are lots of examples in the world right now of why it is so important to encourage young minds towards good rather than evil. Terrorism, political corruption, cyber bullying – you name it and there’ll be a story about it somewhere in the news today. The biggest issue that strikes me is the opportunity for evil to inveigle its way into the minds of pliable young men who are not being otherwise positively engaged in their daily lives. We need more examples globally of how we should behave towards each other rather than the far too many current examples of how we should not. In a nutshell, we need role models.

And role modelling begins in the home.

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(fictional, of course) 

My book series features an agency called Intrepid, and in this post for Milo's Rambles blog, I discuss how I created the agency from an imagined hybrid international force. 

When I began writing, I knew my creation would inevitably be influenced by actual events that were occurring at the time and my particular take on how that might influence the context of my stories. I started writing drafts of Defender in the extended aftermath of Sept 11, 2001 – a time when I was in high demand professionally and probably needed a creative outlet. I didn’t want the context of my stories to be military in nature, so I steered away from the obvious choice – the UN and intervention forces – and looked more towards the actual criminal activity so often hidden behind idealistic rhetoric and excuses for terror.

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I'm in the thick of planning AVENGER, the third in the Alex Morgan espionage thriller series. Meanwhile we continue to blog, arrange events and market the first two books DEFENDER and HUNTER to the widest possible appreciative audience. Each day we get new great reviews - and it's so interesting to see why some readers prefer one of the stories over the other.

Some enjoy the heart-stopping monster action scenes set in civil war-torn Malfajiri in DEFENDER along with the ensuing romantic action between our Major Morgan and Ari Halls. Meanwhile, others get a kick from the thrill of Morgan's chase to rescue the beautiful classical music mega-star Charlotte-Rose, set against the backdrop of the very real story of Serbian war criminals being brought to account in HUNTER. Let me tell you now, AVENGER will have plenty of the non-stop action you love (both varieties!) together with a ball-tearing mission for Morgan and his Intrepid agent compadres to get their teeth into.

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Valentine's Day. Two words that leave people in a hot flush, or a cold sweat. The pressure of finding the perfect gift, arranging the perfect dinner or just getting the card right for the person you fancy can be, well, challenging (unbearable).

Usually I'm rushing around at the last minute, eventually picking up a favourite bottle of bubbles for my Sar before we settle into a romantic picnic together somewhere. Of course, this year, we'll be joined by our boys, Captain Morgan and Baby Rhett, and the trampoline in the backyard will most likely be the 'romantic' spot.

So, if, like me, you don't succumb to the commercialisation of February 14 but still want to acknowledge it with a stylish but not excessive hat-tip to Saint Valentine, here's what you do this year: promise that special someone - him or her - some real action!

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On the eve of the Defender book launch, checking out all our social media channels, dotting i's and crossing t's, we head over to IntrepidAllen's channel on YouTube.

A surprise awaited.

The Defender tribute video, made by Alex Hermes from the rockin' band Bullethead, has had in excess of 40,000 pairs of eyes on it. And growing!

They released this extended version of their popular song 'Promise Made' in 2011 as a tribute to the novel, which refers to the Intrepid team as 'Defenders of the faith', complete with video film clip that interpreted some of the book's meatier scenes!

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