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On the third day of Hunter, my inner agent said to me: "Alex Morgan is Back".

I remember the 1970's, sitting in a old cinema in sleepy old Perth, my home town, around about this time of year, watching the latest Bond epic - starring the longest serving 007, Roger Moore, sitting through those final end credits, awaiting  those familiar few words: "James Bond will return". It seared into my memory - just as much as the enduring, action-packed stories Fleming himself created: the other-worldly villains, the extraordinary women, and the dark, brooding, tragically flawed Bond who took me to so many exotic places.

It was destined then to be, that at the end of my first and second novels I would inevitably place "Alex Morgan will return" on my final pages. Now that the baddies in Operation Defender have been given their comeuppance, and those villainous creatures in Operation Hunter brought to justice, I am more certain than ever that my creation, Major Alex Morgan, is also here to stay.

Some have even said he's about to embark on his next adventure: Operation Avenger. But don't tell anyone!

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Day Two: Twelve Days of Hunter

If you missed my blog yesterday, to celebrate Hunter: Intrepid 2, my latest Alex Morgan adventure being launched, we're kicking off an exciting new range of Intrepid gear, with twelve fresh designs in twelve days.  

On the second day of Hunter, my inner agent said to me: "Intrepid Agents Kick Ass"!


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We're excited to start the first of a run of author signings and book stalls at markets around Sydney. Despite some bookstores being overstocked, the response to Defender from readers across the world has been overwhelming, and so we're determined to keep getting it in front of readers' appreciative eyes and minds!

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