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I'm in the thick of planning AVENGER, the third in the Alex Morgan espionage thriller series. Meanwhile we continue to blog, arrange events and market the first two books DEFENDER and HUNTER to the widest possible appreciative audience. Each day we get new great reviews - and it's so interesting to see why some readers prefer one of the stories over the other.

Some enjoy the heart-stopping monster action scenes set in civil war-torn Malfajiri in DEFENDER along with the ensuing romantic action between our Major Morgan and Ari Halls. Meanwhile, others get a kick from the thrill of Morgan's chase to rescue the beautiful classical music mega-star Charlotte-Rose, set against the backdrop of the very real story of Serbian war criminals being brought to account in HUNTER. Let me tell you now, AVENGER will have plenty of the non-stop action you love (both varieties!) together with a ball-tearing mission for Morgan and his Intrepid agent compadres to get their teeth into.

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