On Mothers Day on May 12 in Australia, I'll be raising a glass to all the strong, incredible women in my life - my mum and sisters, my gone-but-not-forgotten Nanna Madeline, Grandma Florence, my aunties, all our friends who are mums and carers to those they love, my mother-outlaw and, of course, the mother of my two boys, my beautiful Sar.

All of these amazing women have in some way influenced the strong female characters you read about and will continue to see in my Alex Morgan action adventure thrillers. 

Meanwhile, here's Sar, the love of my life, under the Sydney Harbour Bridge today with our boys, the much adored Morgan & Rhett, with Sydney Opera House in the background, which happens to be the place where we first met.

Happy Mothers Day to all those you know who are mums, grandmums, aunties, step-mums and carers doing fantastic work to bring up, teach and most importantly love their kids every day of the year. Look after them. Respect them. Hug them.

Best, Chris

My Sar and our boys under Sydney Harbour Bridge at Kirribilli.