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On the last day of Hunter, a secret agent said to me: "TO THE BRAVE BELONG ALL THINGS"

Back in my days as a Paratrooper, I remember this exact phrase would flash across my consciousness whenever we’d force ourselves to depart from a perfectly good aircraft into black, starless skies…  Not surprisingly, sometimes we needed encouragement to launch out into the unknown, and when it came to me, it worked every time.

The stoic Celtic adage applies equally to those of us part of the current publishing revolution – blazing a trail into the world of eBooks, online communities, and technologies that allow readers to find and enjoy stories from a diverse new range of voices.

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On the seventh day of Hunter, a secret agent said to me: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

What a fantastic birthday present to see that on Amazon, Defender has been made free for a few days, and is rocketing up the charts. At the time of writing it's #1 Kindle Spy Stories, #7 Kindle Action & Adventure and #257 in the overall Kindle free lists, and #28 Top-rated Spy Stories.

You can get your free Defender copy on Amazon Kindle here.

But really, this is what a secret agent once said to me: GET IN SIT DOWN SHUT UP HANG ON!

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On the sixth day of Hunter, a secret agent said to me: Guns Choppers Action!

Last night, I wrote to you saying that if I made the #1 Crimes and Thrillers Best-Seller list on iTunes I would allow myself to be filmed doing the Super Intrepid Style dance - a jig I have not envisaged, nor do I care to think too deeply about.

And then, as if by some force majeur, Hunter: Intrepid 2 rose majestically to the top spot on the best-seller list, kicking Lee Child's Jack Reacher squarely in the backside on the way.

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On the fifth day of Hunter, a secret agent said to me: SUPER INTREPID STYLE. 

I must admit, it wasn't me, more my other half Sarah who suggested this painfully hip version. I wasn't going to knock it back though, because these Intrepid designs are all about having some fun. And Super Intrepid Style, if it existed, would be a fun move.

As I write this, Hunter: Intrepid 2 is sitting at #2 on the Crimes and Thriller Best-Seller List on iTunes. I'm elated. Let's just say, if it hits #1, I might just film a quick video of some kind of interpretive Super Intrepid Style version of the Gangnam dance!

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