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Not many people know this but when I first started work on the manuscript that would eventually become Defender, I was living in the back room of my best friend’s house with no job, no money and no prospects.

I’d been medically discharged from the Army at the ripe old age of 32. Among other things, I’d achieved the rank of Major, was a paratrooper and had served on long term attachments to two foreign armies. And despite all that and despite literally hundreds of applications for jobs in civilian life, I couldn’t get a break.

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Three questions for Chris Allen on RANGER

Now that RANGER is on pre-sale (check it out here) we took five minutes to quiz bestselling author Chris Allen on how he likes the high-octane cover design.

Do you like the cover design for RANGER?

I absolutely love the cover for my latest Alex Morgan adventure, right down to the vibrant, jungle green of the new title.

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Australia Day for a thriller author

January 26 is Australia Day, and I had the most low-key day imaginable, complete with naps, swims in the pool, and dreaming up the new Alex Morgan adventure (hint: it's going to be a kick-ass page turner).

But I did come across this picture with my good mate, Tim from Tim Anger Photography, taken a handful of years ago when my self-published book (Defender of the faith) was hot off the press. I handed a signed copy to Tim at an equestrian event just outside of Canberra.

Of course, we couldn't resist capturing the moment, as the irony of the signage was not lost on us.

After all, I've never taken myself too seriously.

Happy 'Straya Day.

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Technology shifts power back to authors

What a great Christmas surprise to see this news story televised on ABC TV around Australia - highlighting Chris's publishing journey to date and growing momentum.

"If you're reading a book this Summer, chances the author faced an uphill battle getting published... But technology is shifting that power back towards authors, and publishers are taking note.

"James Bond and the books of Ian Fleming got Chris Allen hooked on adventure. He began a paratrooper, serving in Australia and overseas. Using his life on the edge, and the characters he met as inspiration, he wrote a book about an Australian action hero." - ABC TV

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Just last week, I was most pleased to announce that I have signed with Hong Kong based Peony Literary Agency and will be represented by Marysia Juszczakiewicz, which is an exciting next stage of my writing and publishing adventure.

As the founder and owner of Peony Literary Agency, Marysia has extensive experience in sales of worldwide rights both in Asia and outside of Asia. She represents many writers in the region and was the first agent to represent the recent Nobel Prize winner Mo Yan.

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Last night, I had the privilege of speaking at the Willoughby Hotel Authors Club.  

The pub was buzzing and we had a fantastic room and bar upstairs in which to mingle, sip on a beer and a Malfajiri Cocktail (based on the small African nation in which Defender plays out a lot of the action). 

We talked about my writing journey, from when I finished serving in East Timor in 1999, as well as the publishing trajectory I've experienced since 2010. I enjoyed keeping people up-to-date on the latest of what Alex Morgan is up to in Avenger and hearing their reactions to my stories so far. 

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A crucial part of the business of publishing books these days is finding an appreciative audience to connect with. It used to be that the traditional publisher would find those people for you through marketing and media, but now the top-down pyramid has inverted and we authors gotta get out and connect with readers and get to know them a little bit, before they get to know our stories and hopefully become fans of our work.

​One of these recent finds is a chap called Douglas Dorow, a thriller writer from Minneapolis, Minnesota, the home of many thriller/suspense writers.

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