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Not many people know this but when I first started work on the manuscript that would eventually become Defender, I was living in the back room of my best friend’s house with no job, no money and no prospects.

I’d been medically discharged from the Army at the ripe old age of 32. Among other things, I’d achieved the rank of Major, was a paratrooper and had served on long term attachments to two foreign armies. And despite all that and despite literally hundreds of applications for jobs in civilian life, I couldn’t get a break.

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Why Anzac Day is one of my favourite days

One of my favourite days of the year is Anzac Day - it’s a time to remember, it’s a time to pause and say thank you to our servicemen and women, and it’s a time to catch up with great mates, people who truly “get” who you are at your core. This pic is from an Anzac Day March ten years ago with my great GREAT mate Barry. Where will you be this Anzac Day?

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Five facts on veteran homelessness

Well, my first novella and RANGER, number 4.5 in the Alex Morgan Intrepid series is well and truly out, and it's cranking through the charts on Amazon, iTunes and the like.

It's a thrill to see the story being so well received by reviewers too.

Close beneath the surface of this story is a serious issue, one of homelessness in our returned veterans. 

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Last night, I had the privilege of speaking at the Willoughby Hotel Authors Club.  

The pub was buzzing and we had a fantastic room and bar upstairs in which to mingle, sip on a beer and a Malfajiri Cocktail (based on the small African nation in which Defender plays out a lot of the action). 

We talked about my writing journey, from when I finished serving in East Timor in 1999, as well as the publishing trajectory I've experienced since 2010. I enjoyed keeping people up-to-date on the latest of what Alex Morgan is up to in Avenger and hearing their reactions to my stories so far. 

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Kapyong Day, & Remembering Our ANZACS

April 24 is Kapyong Day, the day in 1951 when my old battalion 3RAR fought back thousands of Chinese and Korean soldiers in one long and desperate night. I feel incredibly proud even to this day for having been at one time a custodian of the great legacy forged by these men. There's a great description of what happened in the Battle of Kapyong in The Age from 2011 at this link if you'd like to learn more.

While 24 April is Kapyong Day, a very special day for my former battalion, this post is equally to mark ANZAC Day on April 25 and pay my respects to all the diggers and officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

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I’m a first generation Australian, with a strong British lineage on both my Dad’s and my Mum’s side of the family, specifically England and Wales. I grew up on the stories my father told of my grandfather and my uncles during both world wars and as a young lad, those things really resonated. I felt a strong pull towards military service very early on and, as I got older, I became serious about it.  That childhood interest grew into a real sense of duty. It was almost inevitable that I would choose a military career. Read More