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Announcing Book Hunt Winners

Last week a fantastic time was had playing our Book Hunt to mark the impending launch of my next Alex Morgan action thriller, Hunter: Intrepid 2.

Hunters solved five clues in as many days, including making a wish list for Santa from the That Book You Like store; checking out a pic of me alongside my ex-airborne alumni Bradley Trevor Greive; scouring digital publishing guru-swami Momentum Books' website for the scoop on Hunter's heroine; and honing mathematical skills watching fellow Aussie thriller writer Luke Preston's foreboding book trailer for Dark City Blue.

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We're getting chills about the impending release of explosive action thriller Hunter, the second in the hard-hitting  Intrepid series. So, to celebrate, there's going to be a social media Book Hunt happening from our Facebook page from 19-24 November.

Get involved to win exclusive book pack prizes including signed copies of Defender and Hunter and other fantastic recent releases by authors in the Momentum / Pan Macmillan stable, all arriving on your doorstep just in time for the holidays!

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