So much of a writer’s life is about the journey, yet we often don’t appreciate that it is. We spend so much time crafting stories to take our readers on an adventure, all the while dreaming of fame and fortune (well I do), and we can forget to stop and enjoy those milestones along the way that make all the isolation, insecurity and creative agony so worthwhile!


In my case the most memorable milestones, and I mean the good ones (no need to mention the knock backs from publishers, because every author goes through that - and what do publishers know anyway?), the most memorable are things like:

  • Receiving the first paperback copy of Defender when we self published it back in 2011
  • The first 4 and 5 star reviews on Amazon
  • Hitting the number 1 spot in my categories with successive releases through the series
  • The entire Intrepid series being optioned for film and television on the strength of the very first book
  • Sitting in the Groucho Club in SoHo with the inimitable Rhys Ifans in full flight at the other end of the sofa
  • Being signed by Momentum for the first two books
  • The contracts with Momentum for the third, fourth and fifth books
  • Releasing Defender and Hunter in paperback with Pan Macmillan
  • Chatting with producers, directors and actors at the AACTA awards events about Intrepid
  • Signing with Cameron’s Management and my awesome agent, Jeanne Ryckmans

The list goes on but then there is this...

Over all these years, the single most common question I’ve been asked throughout all of the face-to-face and online engagements I’ve done is: ‘Can I get it in audiobook?’ To date I’ve had to say ‘No’. But now that’s changed!

It’s changed my friends... because I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that I have recently signed with Wavesound for Defender and Hunter to each be released as audiobooks!

We’re currently in the process of deciding on the actor who will actually read the stories and I can’t wait to let you know all about that very soon.

Meanwhile, the release dates as follows: DEFENDER - 1 October 2018 release for retail and in libraries. HUNTER – 1 January 2019 release for retail and libraries. Digital editions will be available on Audiobooks.com, Audible, GooglePlay, and RBDigital app in libraries. How good is that! Physical editions will be available on Amazon and Booktopia as well as select bookshops and libraries.

I’m sure those of you who are fans of the series and have supported me and shared this Intrepid journey with me, will share in the excitement of this particular milestone.

It’s the obvious next step for Alex Morgan and the team and it has spurred me on as I continue to write Morgan’s next adventure... but more on that soon.

Best get back to it!