Three questions for Chris Allen on RANGER

Now that RANGER is on pre-sale (check it out here) we took five minutes to quiz bestselling author Chris Allen on how he likes the high-octane cover design.

Do you like the cover design for RANGER?

I absolutely love the cover for my latest Alex Morgan adventure, right down to the vibrant, jungle green of the new title.


When we I was discussing the concept for the cover with my publisher, I wanted to give it a new feel. Traditionally we see Alex Morgan in a suit but this time it's a very different story to all the others. This time Morgan isn't really working for INTREPID; he's off the books, helping a friend. He's on his own time and on his own terms. So, we see Morgan a lot more rough and ready than ever before.

How does the cover reflect what's going to happen in the new book?

Well, it grabs you straight away and throws you right into the dead centre of Washington DC.

You know that Morgan is going to be up against some pretty serious players from the outset. There's also a suggestion of some high-tech themes which form the backdrop to the story, but readers will have to be patient when it comes to some of those issues. Remember, this is not a typical Alex Morgan adventure. All may not be revealed... this time around.

Where is Morgan at in RANGER?

Morgan's in a good place in this story. He's spent some time coming to terms with his personal demons and while there's still an element of that in RANGER - those things don't just go away - he's much more focused on the well-being and safety of his friend and others than himself. This is Alex Morgan demonstrating just how important things like loyalty, respect and integrity are to him. 

We can't wait to hear what you think about Intrepid 4.5! Pre-order your copy today here.