Meet the Author at Dymocks Sydney

THIS guy (below) will be putting me through my paces at a special "Meet the Author" event and book signing at Dymocks Sydney on the evening of Thursday 25 February.

He's the fella who inspired the character Dave Sutherland, so in amongst the chat, there will be opportunity to grill Dave over his own experiences and find out more about Sutherland's namesake too!

Dave Sutherland and the author

In anticipation of the event at Dymocks Sydney we've asked 'Dave Sutherland' a few questions...

1. How does it feel to have a character loosely based on you in the Intrepid action thriller series?

Of course I feel flattered to have a character based on me, particularly given Sutherland’s heroic deeds, after all Chris could have woven my persona into one of Lundt’s henchmen, or worse, Arena Halls :)

2. How did you and Chris meet anyway?

Well it’s a bit of a 'birds of a feather’ story really. Our paths were inexplicably crossing over a number of years with people strangely asking us individually if we knew the other -  we hadn’t actually met. Then we came face-to-face, the penny dropped, and we’ve been great mates ever since.

3. After what happened to Dave Sutherland in AVENGER... I mean, what did you think when you read that one?

Devastated!! Chris copped it over that, and anyway I refuse to believe it…I mean,  did anyone actually see or recover the body?

4. Who should play you, I mean, Dave Sutherland, in the movie series?

I thought maybe Daniel Craig. but not sure if he’s tough enough so then I thought maybe Henry Cavill, but he is too young and probably not good looking enough, so I guess I’d settle with Jason Stratham with a little more combat training. Food for thought...?!

Sounds like this is just a warm up for the event on the night. There will be a book signing of Hunter the new reformatted, redesigned paperback. There might be a beer to enjoy afterwards too!

RSVP is essential - please check all the event details below:

Meet Chris Allen and 'Dave Sutherland' from Intrepid

Date: Thursday 25 February 2016
Time: 6:00pm
Venue: Dymocks Sydney, 424 - 430 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Cost: Free, but RSVPs are essential
Bookings: Please email to RSVP