With secret movie business underway, signed to Peony Literary Agency in Hong Kong, a trip to London & Los Angeles, and now to completing Avenger, my year’s been well and truly action-packed.

Around this time last year, I’d just re-released Defender and Hunter through Momentum.  

Soon, it’ll be the same for Avenger and I just hope that you'll enjoy this new story, featuring the first female Intrepid agent putting Alex Morgan through his paces as they track down the architects of human trafficking.

With the year that was, I'm looking forward to finishing Intrepid 3 and having a float around on the pool for a few hours, but this blog is a throwback to the posts you enjoyed the most.

Double Interview with Thriller Author Douglas Dorow

Through the process of finding an appreciative audience for my books and connecting with readers, I’ve been privileged to meet a range of fantastic authors around the world. One of my more recent finds is Douglas Dorow, a thriller writer from Minneapolis, Minnesota, author of The Ninth District. In the spirit of meeting new people and doing things differently, we came up with the ‘double interview’ idea – his interview on my blog, mine on his – and this post is us talking author-to-author.

Read my interview with Douglas

My Ten Top Action Movies of All Time

This one got your attention! Like any author, I get a case of writer's block every now and then, but I know I can always trust the big screen to throw me some ideas and inspiration. Some of the obvious movies in there are Skyfall and the Iron Man series. 

Read my ten top action movies

Nine Secret Facts about Intrepid

One of the different things about this year was doing Facebook chats with avid bloggers and readers, once of which was with Coffee Chat with Erin – I even humoured the idea of attending in a black tie onesie. In the lead up to the event, I wrote Nine Secret Facts about Intrepid. Did you know Intrepid was inspired by The Thunderbirds?

Read the nine secret facts about Intrepid

List of my Top Thriller Writers

In this post, I talk about this collection of works by my favourite thriller writers as the equivalent of my literary lifeblood. I wrote this after being inspired by the great response I got from my Ten Top Action Movies of All Time. Any guess who might be in this list? Fleming… Conan Doyle… both likely suspects.

Read my list of top thriller writers

Five Things Sting can Teach Authors

One of the highlights of my year was seeing my three-year-old son, Morgan, listening and playing along to Sting’s Sending out an SOS, which gave me time to consider what it is about the singer’s style that has been so enduring and what he can teach the rest of us. One: be legendary!

Read the 5 things Sting can teach us

Holmes - Watson Partnership

Earlier this year, I was enraptured with Sherlock Holmes renditions on TV and anyone who’s been following along knows I’m a fan of Robert Downey Jnr. Something I have enjoyed reflecting upon – and had the pleasure of doing so thanks to blogger Buddy to Blogger – is the way in which the main characters Sherlock Holmes and John Watson have been presented to us over the years. Obviously there’s a few of you into the Sherlock series, so you may be interested to know that Lucy Liu in Elementary as Watson helped to inspire my first female Intrepid agent Elizabeth Reins in Avenger?

Read about Holmes and Watson's enduring friendship

Australia House & Bob the Builder in London 

This post was a hit with you guys, probably because there’s photos from my trip to London where I ran into Neil Morrissey, the voice of Bob the Builder.

Read my London post

And a special mention to this interview on Steve Smy's blog, a new friend who recently left this mortal coil, a fellow author and great, enthusiastic reader of the Intrepid series. Vale, mate.

What were your favourite posts from the Intrepid blog and what would you like to see more of in 2014?

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