Another Day at IntrepidHQ

It's been one of those weeks when the kids are running riot, high on birthday-related sugar and the elation of too many presents and friendly guests dropping in. You see, this is our son Captain Morgan's 3rd birthday and a week of celebrations - the festival of Morgan - is currently underway!

Yesterday we had our super Intern Julie working at IntrepidHQ, creating a photo blog of snippets from the day - so, busy as it was, here's the inside look at what happens when birthday cakes and little boys collide.

After doing some planning for AVENGER and heading into the city for a series of book and business meetings, I returned to find Captain Morgan thoroughly enjoying being in the spotlight. As usual.

Now, it's not a real day around here unless the train set is out in full force, so I often find myself doing impromptu book planning and having in-depth marketing conversations while building or repairing a railway track for Thomas and his hard-working (and accident prone) friends.

Captain Morgan
Defender and Hunter by action thriller writer Chris Allen.
It's not a real day at our place unless the trains are out in full force.

My Sar (The Boss) and Julie shared a glass or two of bubbles once the sun was over the yardarm, and Julie's better half Daniel even came around to talk about the merits of being a man-in-uniform (Daniel's a volunteer in the Rural Fire Service with aspirations for making a career of firefighting). Eventually we sang happy birthday - again - this time with cupcakes brought over by family who also happen to be our next door neighbours.

Champagne bubbles were required
Daniel and Julie.

While I'm on the topic of our boys here's Rhett with the boss, enjoying some parachute ground-training in an impromptu harness - the BabyBjorn. Just as our Morgan is the namesake of ultra-hero Alex Morgan in the Intrepid series, I am developing an equally cool, but quite different character inspired by our newest addition. Plans for that series are still bubbling away in the dark recesses of my mind. More on that soon!

Rhett take one.
Rhett take two.
Rhett take three.

So,Happy 3rd Birthday, Morgan - The Captain - our firecracker, and of course, my own little action hero!

We sing happy birthday to Morgan for the millionth time.

By the way, get your fix of talented Julie Green's fantastic photography and very affordable custom-order artwork at her new site and blog: http://www.juliegreenart.com. 

Cheers, Chris

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