Today's entry is a series of fly-on-the-wall snaps of what it's like at IntrepidHQ. If you're expecting burning helicopters, black-ops missions, and dangerous creatures, you're only part wrong.

I began with a leisurely 13km walk on Sydney's North Shore for reasons pertaining to the weeks recently spent with a Corona beer firmly stapled to my right hand. 

While on my morning stroll, I came across this park with a plaque dedicated to Seven Little Australians author Ethel Turner. I didn't know that Ethel had lived just down the road and wrote the classic novel in Lindfield!

The plaque at Seven Little Australians Park at Lindfield to commemorate the book by Ethel Turner.

Next stop along the jaunty track was overlooking the water from Roseville Bridge. Not a bad view. We enjoy the occasional picnic down by the water on those green grasses over on the left.

View from Roseville Bridge.

Back at IntrepidHQ, the printer needs to take a long walk into the deep end of our pool after displaying five different error messages in 25 minutes.

Meanwhile printer problems abound back at IntrepidHQ!

Our superstar intern Julie, or JAG as we've nicknamed her, was ignoring all remonstrations regarding above printer and tap-tap-tapping away at her new desk.

Julie aka JAG the superstar intern gets busy writing up a storm!

The unexpected sight of a tiger's head found on the chair was allayed when we found said tiger, in his recently reconditioned suit, playing trains in the lounge. Despite my best intentions to get into the mancave for a monster writing session, I had to join in!

The eye of the tiger?
A day for trains and tigers.