On the ninth day of Hunter, a secret agent said to me: TEN FEET TALL & BULLETPROOF.

As I said in Friday's post, this design is inspired by one of the newest characters in the book, Hermann Braunschweiger

A fresh range of designs and Intrepid gear based on the Alex Morgan series of adventure novels by popular Australian author Chris Allen.

You can view the full range of Ten Feet Tall & Bulletproof gear here.

If you missed it, here's what happened in the days of Hunter so far...

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The fifth day of Hunter: Super Intrepid Style

The sixth day of Hunter: Guns Choppers Action

The seventh day of Hunter: Get In Sit Down Shut Up Hang On

(NB. you need to set the content filter to 'moderate' and your age 'over 13' in order to view the second and fourth and sixth days of Hunter on Zazzle as the content is rated PG, not G rated! This is found on the left hand column on the page.)

Maybe you're thinking, what happened to the eighth day of Hunter? Seeing as we hit the Commodore Hotel for an afternoon celebrating the Defender / Hunter launch with friends and fans, I gave myself the afternoon off.

Which brings me to the next point. You may know that both Defender & Hunter have been doing extremely well on iTunes and Amazon and, when Hunter was heading to the #1 spot on iTunes Crime & Thrillers last week, I made a promise that I'd dance 'Gangnam Syle' at the book launch if it did make it to #1.   Needless to say, Alex Morgan did in fact kick Jack Reacher off the top spot! So, I was committed to doing the dance (and, therein, the humiliation that goes with it!) True to my word, during the launch, and after much researching the PSY Gangnam Style dance, I was directed by my Sarah to take the floor and perform - in accordance with my promise. Well, I did it, much to enjoyment of our guests and the entire pub and much to the chagrin of the two friends I pulled into the dance line-up.  Now, the whole episode was filmed, however the camera failed to work. Seriously.  So, here we are without any footage or proof to show you. Don't despair, if any other footage or photos ever do surface I'll be sure to post them on the blog!

You can view a photo album from the book launch on my Facebook page.

Remember, it's all just a bit of fun. Enjoy!

Cheers, Chris

PS If you want to help get my action adventure books out to an appreciative audience, here's another way you can play an important part. 

Spreading the Word Tip #8 

Post a review of my newest Alex Morgan adventure, Hunter: Intrepid 2 on Amazon, iTunes or Goodreads. Reviews hold amazing cachet with new readers.


The team at Intrepid HQ have created an entire IntrepidAllen range that will be available exclusively from Zazzle online, and you can find out more about Zazzle and their print-on-demand methodology here. It's our intention to support a number of charities as we move forward and we'll start off by donating 10% of IntrepidAllen profits from every item sold from the Zazzle online range to the British Parachute Regiment Charity