On the fifth day of Hunter, a secret agent said to me:

How can anyone go past the infectious enthusiasm and energy of PSY's 884+million viewed video on YouTube, Super Gangnam Style? Released in the middle of July this year, it went 'gangnambusters'!

I must admit, it wasn't me, more my other half Sarah who suggested this painfully hip version. I wasn't going to knock it back though, because these Intrepid designs are all about having some fun. And Super Intrepid Style, if it existed, would be a fun move.

As I write this, Hunter: Intrepid 2 is sitting at #2 on the Crimes and Thriller Best-Seller List on iTunes. I'm elated. Let's just say, if it hits #1, I might just film a quick video of some kind of interpretive Super Intrepid Style version of the Gangnam dance!

You can watch the original Super Gangnam Style video on YouTube here.

You can view Super Intrepid Style gear on Zazzle here.

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(NB. you need to set the content filter to 'moderate' in order to view the second and fourth days of Hunter on Zazzle as the content is rated PG, not G rated! This is found on the left hand column on the page)

Remember, it's all just a bit of fun. Enjoy!

Cheers, Chris

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