On the last day of Hunter, a secret agent said to me: "TO THE BRAVE BELONG ALL THINGS"

In my days as a Paratrooper, I remember this exact phrase would flash across my consciousness whenever we’d force ourselves to depart from a perfectly good aircraft into black, starless skies…  Not surprisingly, sometimes we needed encouragement to launch out into the unknown, and when it came to me, it worked every time.

The stoic Celtic adage applies equally to those of us part of the current publishing revolution – blazing a trail into the world of eBooks, online communities, and technologies that allow readers to find and enjoy stories from a diverse new range of voices.

This is what I wrote in a guest-post on The Creative Penn just over a year ago, and now, partnering with Digital publishing supremos Momentum, seeing overwhelmingly good news coming in about Intrepid books 1 and two (such as today's review on That Book You Like), and now a third book underway, as well as a film and franchise deal in the pipeline, as each day passes it couldn't ring any truer.

It's been a fantastic twelve days since Hunter has been launched - it hit #1 Best-Seller status on the iBookstore (take THAT Jack Reacher!); jumped up the charts on Amazon; had fantastic reviews on blogs like Fair Dinkum Crime; I signed books and drank beer at my Hunter drinks last Saturday; and had the chance to release these Intrepid-inspired designs.

You can view the range of 'To The Brave Belong All Things' gear here. I particularly like the dummy for the Intrepid agent-in-nappies.

Here's the full range of Intrepid designs, including some featuring the Defender and Hunter book covers on Zazzle.

Thank you for coming along for the ride. I'm grateful for your efforts to help spread the word: every new reader who enjoyed the book - whether they couldn't get anything done on the weekend for reading it, or missing their train station because they didn't realise their destination had come and been - is a true thrill. This is the stuff that propels me into the next book, Avenger, to be released in 2013!

As a final round up, here's what happened in the first eleven days of Hunter ...

The first day of Hunter: There's a New Agent in Town | The second day of Hunter: Intrepid Agents Kick Ass | The third day of Hunter: Alex Morgan is Back | The fourth day of Hunter: Dear Santa | The fifth day of Hunter: Super Intrepid Style | The sixth day of Hunter: Guns Choppers Action | The seventh day of Hunter: Get In Sit Down Shut Up Hang On | The eighth day of Hunter: Get Some Action | The ninth day of Hunter: Ten Feet Tall & Bulletproof | The tenth day of Hunter: Morgan, Alex Morgan | The eleventh day of Hunter: Imma Secret Agent |

This has been a whole lotta fun. I hope you've enjoyed it too.

Cheers, Chris


The IntrepidAllen range is available exclusively from Zazzle online. I'll be donating 10% of IntrepidAllen profits from every item sold from the Zazzle online range to the British Parachute Regiment Charity