Sitting here today, putting the very final touches on Hunter, the second in the Alex Morgan Intrepid series, I realised these two action thriller novels would not have been half as good if I weren't perched on the shoulders of some very legendary blokes and ladies.

It's important then that I digress from my usual writing of Serbian war criminals being brought to justice, rogue intelligence officers getting their just desserts, criminal gun-runners caught at the last minute, all by the hardy Alex Morgan and his band of merry Intrepid agents, to recognise some of those working behind-the-scenes to get me to the top of the suspense thriller best-seller lists and beyond.

The Defence Mafia


We were a tight-knit bunch then, and thanks to social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, we're a tight crew once again. Great mates like Jimmy Mather (pictured), the funny-as-ever Al Armstrong, Vietnam veteran, mentor and retired RSM Bob Davies - a key ingredient in the make up of Intrepid chief General Davenport - and that's just a few of the New Zealand crew! The support I get from this bunch is limitless. They are still soldiers at heart and loyal to the core.

There's one fellow in particular, who has shown extraordinary generosity of spirit since we have recently reconnected, a bloke who served in the Paratroopers with me in the 90's who I consistently said was far too smart for his own good. Bradley Trevor Greive, since leaving the Australian Army, has been a creative force majeure and New York Times Best-Selling author with his series of Blue Day Books (see his latest, Cursings and Blessings) as well as an empassioned  animal conservationist and philanthropist. He's shown great kindness to me with his time, contacts, words and experience and I couldn't be more appreciative. Thanks BTG.

The Support Crew


A motley but talented bunch consisting of my literary agent, publisher, photographers, designer, my attorney - all helping to guide my vision for the Intrepid series into a reality. You know who you are.

The Inspiration


I'm talking about blokes like Dave, pictured here with my son 'Captain' Morgan, who has done a lot of particularly exciting stuff in his military and police career that I feed into characters like Dave Sutherland, Mike Fredericks and The Key. I remember finishing the first draft of Hunter, back in June, and being lucky enough to be able to summons experts in the latest combat and airborne insertion techniques to give my final scenes that extra punch. It's great to have close mates such as these guys on speed dial, and it goes without saying that I'd do anything for them.

The Readers


There's not much point in writing stories if others can't enjoy them. Even with all the change in the publishing industry we see the appetite for stories and storytelling grow even more voracious as our reading habits diversify. That says to me we're going to be ok, whether we read eBooks, peruse in a bookstore, or whatever the future holds. To those who are reading about Intrepid, tweeting about it, reviewing it on Amazon and Goodreads and iBooks, talking about it on Facebook and mentioning it to their mates - keep reading, keep talking!

So, without much further chat, here's an invite to some casual book slash birthday drinks we'll be having at the Commodore Hotel on Saturday 8th December in North Sydney. If you come along to say hi, I'll be happy to buy you a beer. 

And remember: To the brave belong all things.


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