Last week a fantastic time was had playing our Book Hunt to mark the impending launch of my next Alex Morgan action thriller, Hunter: Intrepid 2.

Hunters solved five clues in as many days, including making a wish list for Santa from the That Book You Like store; checking out a pic of me alongside my ex-airborne alumni Bradley Trevor Greive; scouring digital publishing guru-swami Momentum Books' website for the scoop on Hunter's heroine; and honing mathematical skills watching fellow Aussie thriller writer Luke Preston's foreboding book trailer for Dark City Blue.

Scores of responses came through, and you solved the clues with aplomb. A handful of you wrote in every single day which increased your chances of winning significantly.

The winners were drawn this morning by my very own Intrepid agent, the almost-three-year-old Morgan. All the entries were placed in a pith helmut I picked up in Kenya more than a decade ago, and Morgan drew them out from that - even wearing the hat afterwards, as the photos below attest.


Our thanks to everyone for playing in the Book Hunt with such vim and vigour. Without much further ado, here are the winners of the five prize packs:

1. Patricia Featherstone

2. Rob Borg

3. Gloria Bale

4. Jason Woollett

5. Michael 


Winners will receive signed copies of Defender and Hunter as well as an extra reading gem each from our friends at Momentum / Pan Macmillan (thanks guys!) and a bookmark from That Book You Like (because there's nothing as annoying as losing your place in a good book).

We will get in touch and post these packs out as soon as the print copies of Hunter arrive - which will be before Christmas. My apologies we can't send it sooner, but you simply can't rush a printer on a quality job like this ... ;)

This brings me nicely to the next item - the Defender / Hunter book drinks at the Commodore Hotel, North Sydney, on 8 December from midday - 5pm. There's been a slight change of plan. We'd love to see you all for a beer, and while we'll have the new 'Defenders' to hand, there may not be any 'Hunters' there, so instead we'll take orders on the day and deliver them by Christmas. If you can't make it along, we'll start taking orders soon - the signed and beautifully wrapped Defender / Hunter combo would make a great present, if you don't mind my saying!

So congrats to our winners and here's to all you dedicated Hunters - and to the countdown to Hunter launching on 1 Defender, I mean, December.

I'll be in touch soon with new ways to get a bit of Intrepid in your life - 12 ways in 12 days, in fact. That's all I can say for now or I'll get in some serious trouble.


ps. I'm looking forward to finally seeing Skyfall this week - and reviewing it on the Momentum blog soon thereafter at

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