If you're new to the world of Intrepid - firstly, welcome, and here's some highlights to catch  you up on what's been happening. And if you're an old-school Defender, it's more of a trip down memory lane.

It's been a couple of years now I've been blogging, irregularly as all hell, I must admit. There have been a handful of standout posts over that time that people flocked to, commented on, re-posted, re-tweeted, had conversations about, and even created their own spin-off blogs for.

They are around the writing process and my creative inspirations, as well as my writing mentor Ian Fleming, who I mention every now and again in my conversations online and offline.

My Writing Space

Reg Nobby Dad.JPG

What surrounds me when I write has as much influence as the stories and characters bubbling around in my head, ready to burst onto the computer screen. This post shares some photos of my writing space, the army and Paratrooping mementos on the wall, memories of my ancestors who also served, and important things like my growing collection of first edition Fleming Bond novels.

Read My Writing Space.

On Deadline

On deadline word count.JPG

Back in June I was on deadline for HUNTER: Intrepid 2 in a serious way. Writing 3,000 - 4,000 words a day, emerging for meals with reams of paper and then descending back into the writing mancave by night. Talk about extreme. This post examines seven cool and not-so-cool things about being on a deadline - such as, time seems to slow down to a snail's pace, but strangely, my hair grows faster.

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Ten Things You Didn't Know About Ian Fleming

Fleming Spines.JPG

I wrote this post to mark Ian Fleming's birthday on May 28 - he would have been 104 years old - after talking to my Sarah about some of the interesting but less-known facts about Fleming's relatively short life. For example, as a kid Ian Fleming broke his nose, and it was repaired with a piece of copper. Probably the quickest blog I've ever written, as it all came off the top of my head.

Read Ten Things You Didn't Know About Ian Fleming.

My Top Five Book Characters


This one captured your attention, and people around the world decided to blog their top five characters. I found new books and new characters to enjoy as well as sharing mine with others, and hopefully adding to your own reading lists. It's safe to say I included my favourites from Arthur Conan Doyle and Fleming as well as Patricia Cornwell and Tom Clancy's protagonists. There might be a Top Five Villains post coming soon...

Read My Top Five Book Characters.

Well, that's about it for now.  What would you like to hear about next time?


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