On the eve of the new website launch, checking out all our social media channels, dotting i's and crossing t's, we head over to IntrepidAllen's channel on YouTube.

A surprise awaited.

The Defender tribute video, made by Alex Hermes from the rockin' band Bullethead, has had in excess of 40,000 pairs of eyes on it. And growing!

(2013 Update: this music clip now has 100,000 views)

They released this extended version of their popular song 'Promise Made' in 2011 as a tribute to the novel, which refers to the Intrepid team as 'Defenders of the faith', complete with video film clip that interpreted some of the book's meatier scenes!

40,000 views... now that's a little bit viral!

Watch the video clip below:

Massive thanks to Alex Hermes from Bullethead | Ocean Commando for his efforts ... a true Defender... Rock out!