Edit, edit then edit again

It's a busy time in the writing mancave, after a short hiatus up to Northern NSW to visit my brothers. Handing in the first draft of Defender 2, it was no surprise that I needed a break. So driving 1500 kms to Lismore and back gave me a real opportunity to zone out, away from the computer, on the scenic route, gazing at fields and cows (and the road), visiting old country towns and even riding the historic Timberland steam train - much to the delight of Captain Morgan.

Now back in Sydney I've got the pedal to the metal again. I've received a great report and notes from the people at Momentum Books for Defender. A few things I'll share, without giving it away...

Shorter Title

Those of you who've read the book will know the title doesn't point to religious overtones, but we think after testing the market it would be punchier if the re-release focuses on the Defender aspect. The reference inside the book is by General Davenport to Morgan about INTREPID agents being defenders of the faith who risk their own lives to keep the general community safe. As we found ourselves referring to the story as Defender and even the amazing readers as Defenders, so it looks like the title will become a simplified, shorter version.

Fresh Cover

We'll see a new-look cover design too. Just as Ian Fleming's books saw different series of artworks (now all collectibles in their own right) so too will Defender get an updated look. The silhouettes, design and primary colours used in the first edition worked well to get the first Alex Morgan INTREPID thriller into the marketplace and so it will be interesting to see how the new version sits alongside other thriller and espionage titles. One thing's for sure: Defender will stand out from the crowd!

New Website

Part of the journey so far has been launching the book and author (that's me) at the same time, back in the second half of 2011. Now that the second book has been written and the third and subsequent books are in planning, we'll be shifting the focus a little. We're working on building a new website for me as an author and creating what I'm told is an 'author brand' for my work. It will need to sit comfortably with the INTREPID adventure thriller brand we are separately creating for the book and (hopefully) film series of the future. We've done a lot of looking at what other writers offer in this space and are excited to create something new.

I'd better get back to the editing now as the next deadline looms...


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