Recently I shared a photo on my Facebook Author page showing Ian Fleming's writing desk. We all have different needs to spark creativity. Fleming had a pretty bare space to work at - a desk with typewriter, manuscript, a couple of photos and a wall - but the stories were all inside his head. You can see the picture here.

(Of course, the Carribean was just outside his window.)

As some people thought that it looked sparse we agreed to post photos of our writing / creative areas in comparison.

So here I am, throwing down the gauntlet to anyone who wants to share some pictures of their space by introducing my own writing mancave.

It's a large room downstairs, with lots of natural light and a brick fireplace. I'm surrounded by great books and writers and things that have significance from my time in the military, humanitarian aid and law enforcement environments. I find it helps me to write realistic action scenes based largely on real-life experiences.

(All with a generous serving of escapism in the mix.)

The perfect spot to write an action thriller novel

Below are pictures of my family who also served - (L-R) my Uncle Reginald Davenport Allen, Grandad Stanley Walter 'Nobby' Allen and my Dad Benjamin William Allen.

(Those of you who've read Defender may recognise an important character's name inspired by my family.)

My military ancestors keep watch

Here's part of my Bond collection. I love searching for various copies of Ian Fleming novels, I look for a range of covers and am always hunting for a first edition. I've found three so far...

Beloved collection of early edition Bond novels by Ian Fleming

Next to my computer I have my trusty dictionary and thesaurus, first presented when I graduated from Officer Cadet School in New Zealand; my uber-cool iPhone handset (even Daniel Craig has one!); and a travel coffee mug sent over by my mate Andrew when he was serving in Iraq, now used as a pen holder.

Operation Iraqi Freedom pen holder and other essentials

So that's my writing space, and I'd love to see yours if you care to blog about what it means to you. I'll post any links at the bottom of this post of any other writers and creatives who take up the challenge!



Mandi Johnston That Book You Like

Mandi from That Book You Like took a quick snap of her writing space, which happened to be tidied up just as I posted on this topic. Looks very tidy and productive there Mandi, thanks for sharing!

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