Some time ago I read a blog on Omnivoracious where they asked an author their top book characters of all time. It got me thinking, who are some of the characters from reading adventures that have ingrained themselves in my mind?

Here are my top five book characters - from action and thriller writers such as Patricia Cornwell, legendary storytellers Ian Fleming and Arthur Conan Doyle.

1. Colonel Asa Morgan (SOLO by Jack Higgins)

This character is typical of Higgins: a stoic, relentless solider in this case driven to avenge the death of his daughter. I love the intensityof the conflict within this guy. He's a Parachute Regiment officer, an absolute professional career soldier... and I love the name!

2. Dr John Watson (SHERLOCK HOLMES by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)

Watson is undoubtedly an underrated hero of Doyle’s Sherlock series. John Watson is robust, loyal and utterly dependable; not the bumbling old man typically portrayed in the old movies.  Many people don’t know that Watson is actually based upon the career and experiences of Conan Doyle.  It is from John Watson's perspective that all of the legendary Holmes tales are told.

3. Dr Kay Scarpetta (POSTMORTEM by Patricia Cornwell)

Resilient, intelligent, devoted to family, and an expert in her field, with just enough vulnerability to make her real.

4. Major Dexter-Smythe (OCTOPUSSY by Ian Fleming)

This character is a tragically autobiographical freeze of Fleming at the very point in his life when he wrote this story. Nothing like the comic-fluff of the 1980's movie, this is classic post-war fare.  We meet Dexter-Smythe in decay, a once good life wasting away. He is a shadow of the former, decorated Royal Marine officer of his war years. Within a truly gripping short story, Fleming explores the onset of middle age, the damage wreaked by years of excess and a deep malady brought about by boredom.

5. John Clarke (WITHOUT REMORSE, RAINBOW 6 by Tom Clancy)

This guy is a solid character: an ex-Navy SEAL decorated for rescuing shot-down pilots in Vietnam. The unexpected and traumatic death of his beloved wife drives him into seclusion. Yet, a chance encounter with a girl needing protection flicks a switch that conjures every bit of the experience and training he thought he'd left behind. I love that this guy is unstoppable, no matter what's thrown at him.  He is, at his core, a protector.

There's my top five action thriller book characters.

Who are your favourite book characters? I'd love to hear them!

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