It's been an exciting couple of months at Defender HQ, evidenced by last week's announcement that Chris Allen's first and upcoming books have been signed by Momentum (a subsidiary of Pan MacMillan). Momentum Books are a perfect fit for Chris as an author - they fully embrace the digital publishing revolution and will be focussing on getting the INTREPID action thriller series in front of US and UK audiences as well as our loyal Aussie readers.

So, what can you expect in 2012?

Momentum Signs Defender & Hunter Publishing Deal

We're withdrawing Defender from sale while books one and two are repackaged by Momentum - expect an exciting relaunch of an extended version of Defender come end-2012, and the next Alex Morgan INTREPID Adventure shortly thereafter.

This means your copies of Defender are first and limited edition, so hold onto them! Matthew Reilly first edition tomes now sell on eBay in the thousands.

Relaunch of Intrepid Website

Over the next six months we'll tinker with the website to make it more of an action author website, ready to help promote the full series of books (and beyond) currently in production.

Win a Character in Defender Photo Competition

For now, you may have seen the Defender Photo Comp we're running on Facebook to vote on the best Defender pics we've seen since launch. They've come to us from all over the world - Australia to Dubai, Italy to Turkey, the UK, US and more.

These fan pics are so amazing, we're going to immortalise the person with the most votes for their photo with a character named after them in the new book.

How to vote:

1. Head to 2. Click on the 'Defender Photo Comp' tab 3. Scroll down to your favourite photo and LIKE it 4. If your pic is in, give these instructions to your mates on Facebook and demand they vote for you too!

That's about it. Back to writing - this latest chapter is set in Bordeaux, France.

That's all I can tell you about the new story for now, but you'll be the first to know more as it happens.

PS. Say g'day to Momentum on Facebook too.