Walking The Walk

It's so satisfying when someone 'gets' why you write and publish the way you do. Yesterday, Drew Turney from The West Australian wrote an article about Defender and how it came to be first self-published, and how the author "wanted to retain ownership of the style of writing, the story [he had] and most importantly, how [he] presented it."

Bright Sea got a mention too, as "a poster child for book publishing in the web age" due to its innovative ways of garnering support and generating word-of-mouth for new authors by engaging with communities online.

Importantly, the piece looks at how elements of the book like the cover were chosen by the author's readers and fans, rather than being dictated by industry. Planbig.com.au played a big role in helping to achieve this.

"We sourced directly from people that were interested in it, and instead of telling people what they wanted, we asked them" - Chris Allen.

This is a trend we'll continue as the full Alex Morgan INTREPID Adventure Series is released - regularly asking YOU for your valuable feedback, and acting on it!

You can read the full article here.