Paratrooping & Publishing

This week we've seen some great posts and reviews about Defender of the Faith, and being shameless self-promoters, we wanted to point to them out. One of our favourite writing blogs The Creative Penn published a guest-post by Chris on what Paratrooping taught him about Publishing. Read sage advice such as "stay the course, even when it seems like it’ll never end, and resist the urge to hurl your computer out of the nearest window" and another, "just as exhilarating as parachuting – by day or night – is the feeling that you’re part of the groundswell that is changing the publishing industry, taking our books to market and connecting with readers on our own terms. Read the full post and comments here.

Another comes from Sophie Louise, herself a budding author and travel blogger on See Want Love, who just finished Defender and was MAJORLY impressed (her words, not ours).

Sophie writes, "Allen is an expert storyteller who, like English blockbuster novelist Andy McNab, has an impressive military background to fuel his inside knowledge.... All I want to know now Mr Allen, is when’s the bloody sequel?" Good question Sophie, and yes, we're working on the next Alex Morgan INTREPID Adventure as well as a couple of short stories to keep you going over the holiday season! Read her pithy post here.

Finally we discovered a few words from a Smashwords reviewer who found us via a news piece, proof that the media are in fact worth their weight in ... well anyway, here 'tis: "Saw this book reviewed in the Brisbane "Courier Mail" and am glad that I purchased it. It was a great read. If you like Chris Ryan you will be sure to like these books."

Oh, and we've reduced the price of the eBook by a few bucks for the month of October. Get your Defender while it's hot!


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Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons US Army