6 Ways to Lend a Hand

Our Defenders want to know when the next book is coming out. The good news is that it's on track for 2012 and we'll get some short stories out to keep you sated for the upcoming holiday season. Often you ask how you can lend a hand, too, and we love that you want to help - this book is published through independent micropublisher Bright Sea (rather than a big publishing house) so we get a huge boost by having the story put out to the world with your endorsement.

Here's a few ways you can help, if you're that way inclined...

1. Snap it

If you're reading Defender, take a photo in situ and post it to our Facebook page. We love to see our Defenders reading the story at home, in the office or abroad!

2. Review it

Once you've read it, post a review up on Amazon and let others know what you thought.

3. Share it

If you like a link or post from our Facebook page, like the upcoming competition we'll run in November to win a character named after you in the next book, please share it with your friends.

4. Ask for it

Head to your local bookstore and library and ask they stock the book, then tell us who you talked to. We can follow up with our our super duper sales pitch.

5. Bookclub it

Part of a bookclub? We can arrange for copies to be sent to you at a special price for you to read and discuss - and the author is available for a Skype Author Chat at your meeting, too!

6. Talk about it

Word of mouth is by far the most potent marketing around. If you're happy to talk about Defender to all and sundry, let us send you some cards in the mail so you can give people the link to download their free 12-chapter download!

Maybe you can think up another way to help out, and that's ok too - we're all for free thinking. Just email us your idea and we'll get it going.

Big thanks for your support and for being Defenders: we couldn't do it without you.


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