A cozy evening in Morisset

Last night we jetted up the F3 in dark and rainy conditions to the town of Morisset on the New South Wales Central Coast for an Author Chat at the local library. Having thought people would prefer to stay inside on such an intemperate day, it was fantastic to see the room buzzing and all seats filled!

I spent some time talking through his Paratrooping background as a means of explaining how I wrote my first thriller story, especially some of the action scenes, and how I used his experiences to come up with the key themes in Defender.

I mentioned how I drew on elements of my own personality to add flavour to his main character Alex Morgan, and also the older General Davenport, saying: "I'm not quite the young army officer any more, nor am I the retired general, but somewhere in between."

We had good debate around the ethos underpinning his fictional INTREPID agency (the Intelligence, Recovery, Protection and Infiltration division of INTERPOL) and whether people are inherently good, bad, or otherwise.

At request, there was a reading from Chapter 12 and we gave a signed copy of the book away as a lucky door prize.

All in all, a fantastic opportunity to meet some interesting people and we hope to stay in touch and get back up to visit again soon.

Want an INTREPID Author to visit your local library or club to talk? Leave a comment and we'll see if we can make it happen.