To tweet or not to tweet?

Recently I’ve come to terms with being a writer in the 21st century. I follow almost everything ‘writing’ on Twitter, I listen to what other authors I admire have to say on Facebook and via their blogs, and I’ve gathered up the gumption to offer my work to online reviewers for their critical opinion!

I have to say, I’m enjoying it. The trick is to engage in real conversations with people and, with some disappointment, I realise that many of us (myself included) are on - what we used to call in my soldiering days - 'send'. Finding others who actually 'receive' and converse online can be the tricky part.

Nonetheless, I consider myself a social bloke, who doesn't mind the odd chinwag (especially over a pint of Guinness).

After a number of tentative, toe-in-the-water offerings on Twitter, you can imagine how chuffed I was to receive a response from a famous writer (whose work I enjoy) when I dropped a question on her blog about her approach to writing.

My confidence in the Twittersphere is buoyed, my day is made - I've received a personal tweet from a famous author!

It all brings home the point that taking a moment to respond to someone's post, comment or tweet is time well spent.

Now, where's that Guinness?


Oh, and you can say g'day to me on Twitter...  I promise to tweet back!

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