Show us your Defender

A great thing about publishing stories in today's climate is the direct link an author has with the people who read his work. I am thrilled when I receive feedback from someone who really understands my writing, like Sharyn, who told me how Alex Morgan reminded her of the rough n' ready Bodie character from the classic UK TV show The Professionals, or Mark, who thought that Defender examined the nature of man - from those doing what's right to others corrupted by greed or ego.

Recently, we put on our Facebook page a call out for people to show us where they are reading Defender - and didn't you all go for it!

Here's a video montage we put together to show you some of these great shots - at the tallest building in the world in Dubai, at HMAS Otway, in your office (thanks, Edelman friends) or even flying a chopper in the Solomon Islands.

It's safe to say that Defender has the most well-travelled, active and interesting bunch of readers around.

Watch the video on Youtube here.

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