eBooks for One and All

Smashwords has provided us with numerous eBook formats to distribute Defender of the Faith to a global audience, almost instantaneously, and without the postage and handling requirements of the traditional book. With eBook sales irrevocably overtaking print book sales and launching a revolution of sorts, it's no wonder that eBooks and eReaders are the darling of independent publishers.

We won't stop there: we're into eBooks but still love the paperback and will release a limited edition hardcover for Christmas. We also have an audiobook and mobile game version in the pipeline for our hardcore Defender fans.

To check out Chris Allen's profile and watch a few videos on Smashwords, click here.

And to check out Defender of the Faith as an eBook as an ePub, PDF, RTF and more, click here.

As our friends at Bright Sea Publishing would say: Viva la book revolution!

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