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Crime Month @ Coffee with Erin: Bookgirloz

July is Crime Month at Coffee Talk with Erin: Bookgirloz's blog. Erin's Book Club is (and we quote) "very excited to be reading Australian author, Chris Allen's Intrepid books, Defender and Hunter."

Chris is going to be available to answer your questions in a special Meet the Author event on Facebook for Coffee Talk with Erin: Bookgirloz on Thursday 25 July from 7.30pm AEST. 

If you have read Chris's books, love reading action/thriller novels or are an aspiring writer, please RSVP on Facebook here and get all of your questions answered!

I guess what I enjoyed the most was the detail. Chris obviously draws from his experience and that is why everything seemed to fit. He knows how to build tension and draw you in which is just what an action novel should do.

Read Erin's full reviews of Hunter and Defender here.



Meet the Author on 25 July at the Coffee Talk With Erin blog: Bookgirloz