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Meet The Author @ Hornsby Library

Paratrooping and Publishing

"Chris Allen writes escapist action thrillers for realists, having seen and done it all."

Chris will talk about how his formative years growing up in sleepy Perth in the 1970's and his experiences in the Australian and attached to the British and New Zealand Armies plus time with humanitarian aid agencies and providing government security advice post-9/11 helped him see the action he writes about in his best-selling series of thriller novels.

An agent of the Interpol’s post-9/11 razor-toothed arm, known as Intrepid, new agent Alex Morgan must do all he can to protect the greater good - no matter the cost. If you like Jack Reacher or Jason Bourne, you will love Alex Morgan. Intrepid, is a culmination of Chris' military and law enforcement insider experience. Defender and Hunter became instant eBook sensations, now with a film franchise underway.

A former Paratrooper, Government Security and Counter-Terrorism expert, and - most recently - the Sheriff of New South Wales, Chris now lives with his wife Sarah and their two children on Sydney’s North Shore where he is following his dream of being an author. 

Chris' experience of the publishing revolution has been up close & personal, self-publishing before being signed to Pan Macmillan's digital-only imprint, Momentum Books. Come along and hear Chris’ ideas about straddling the publishing divide: from self-publishing to traditional and beyond.

Novella Fine Books at Wahroonga will be attending the event and Chris will be signing copies of his book.