To the brave belong all things
— Intrepid motto
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Intrepid is the Intelligence, Recovery, Protection and Infiltration Division of Interpol, and the literary brainchild of popular Australian author Chris Allen.

When extremists plunged the world into dark decades of war and nations mobilized for vengeance, the shadow of remorseless terror and unrestrained violence called for a new generation of crime fighter. 

The United Nations, ill-prepared for the unprecedented levels of threat, searched for an urgent global response - unencumbered by borders or bureaucracy.  Terrorists and their networks, criminal cartels, weapons of mass destruction, illegal arms, the slave trade and illicit narcotics - the key targets.   

The UN Security Council turned to Interpol - the International Criminal Police Organisation – to raise a new division of elite men and women, hand-picked from across the globe.  Skilled, fearless and unrelenting - part policeman, soldier, and spy - they would be international in every way, ordained to fight fire with fire, no matter how sizeable the crime nor how treacherous the adversary.

So it was that Intrepid, the ‘Sword of Interpol’ came to be. 

The ‘Intelligence, Recovery, Protection and Infiltration Division’ of Interpol’s Terrorism sub-directorate, Intrepid became fully operational in September 2006.  Today, Intrepid agents are considered the most stringently selected and highly trained elite operatives in the world.  The ultra-secret, specialised nature of Intrepid operations and the imperative to maintain the organisation’s absolute anonymity created a mystique around its existence, specifically around the Intrepid agents themselves.  In select corners of the international intelligence and specialist law enforcement community, the faceless, unassailable agents of Intrepid have become known simply as the ‘Defenders’.

Meet the Intrepid Agents.

Chris Allen has produced a story and characters to rival any of the Sean Dillon series by Jack Higgins. Alex Morgan of INTREPID has arrived!
— Major Antony Kaine PJI FFI, Royal Australian Regiment