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#1 Spy Stories, #1 Suspense Best-Selling Action Author

If you like action you have to think about, try Allen.
— Sydney Morning Herald
If you really like escapist novels, this one’s for you
— ABC Radio
These books are written by a real soldier.
— Bradley Trevor Greive, NYT Best-Selling Author


From a firecracker start in the drug-lord heavy jungles of Peru, through to decisive, tightly written action in the political jungles of Washington DC, RANGER is Allen’s best writing yet.
— Kate Matheson, news.com.au journalist

About The Author

Chris Allen has decades of experience in the world of defence, police, counter-terrorism and justice, has written four digital bestselling Alex Morgan adventures, and his books imitate real life. The kind of life you haven't known... until now. Read more.

The combat scenes are delivered in efficient brutality, the stunts akin to the finest Bond.
— Fair Dinkum Crime