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Readers and fans of the Intrepid action series featuring Alex Morgan post photos on Facebook and Twitter with their copies from all around the world. Others like to Photoshop themselves onto the book cover. Email yours to gday@intrepidallen.com or post it up at facebook.com/intrepidallen or copy @intrepidallen when you tweet your pic.

Did you know?

Chris Allen was born in Perth, Western Australia, the son of a Welsh father and Australian mother. He has two older sisters and two younger brothers.

On the night Chris was born, the doctor delivering him visited Chris's mother in a tuxedo announcing grandly that he was off to the premiere of the new James Bond film ‘From Russia With Love.' The classic Ian Fleming book upon which the film was based became one of Chris's favourites as soon as he was old enough to read it.

Chris joined the Australian Army in 1983 and served until 1996 when injuries sustained in service resulted in his medical retirement. During his military service he undertook extended attachments to the New Zealand Army (1986) and the British Army (1994–95), including deployments to South East Asia, Africa and Central America. He qualified as a paratrooper in Australia, England and France. On retirement he had reached the rank of Major. Leaving the Army, Chris studied at Edith Cowan University in Perth, studying business and security, and undertook humanitarian aid work for CARE International during the East Timor emergency in 1999.

In the wake of the September 11, 2001, attacks in the United States he became exclusively involved in government protective security responsibilities in Australia. He joined the Australian Protective Service in 2001, providing security advice to Commonwealth government departments and agencies, including diplomatic residences and offices, throughout Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne. In 2002, he was tasked to lead the upgrade of Counter Terrorist First Response (CTFR) measures at Sydney Airport - the largest airport in Australia. In August 2003 he was appointed Head of Security for the Sydney Opera House, where he led an unprecedented security upgrade of Australia’s most iconic landmark. In 2008 he was appointed Sheriff of New South Wales, one of Australia’s oldest law enforcement appointments, which he held until June 2012.

Chris and his wife Sarah married in 2008. They have two young sons, Morgan and Rhett.

Chris is a member of International Thriller Writers Inc and the Crime Writers Association UK.

White Ribbon

White Ribbon is an organisation that works to prevent male violence against women. It is a male-led campaign that believes that most men are good and that good men abhor such violence. White Ribbon also believes in the capacity of the individual to change and to encourage change in others.

Through primary prevention initiatives and an annual campaign, White Ribbon seeks to change the attitudes and behaviours that lead to and perpetuate violence against women.

Chris is a proud White Ribbon Ambassador, and is opposed to any form of violence against women and children. You can read a blog interview with Chris on the topic here.

For more information on taking the oath, visit whiteribbon.org.au/

As a former Army officer and paratrooper, Chris promotes the importance of supporting all servicemen and servicewomen returning from operational duties overseas, especially those who return injured or disabled.

The Royal Australian Regiment Foundation


The Parachute Regiment Charity